PHOTOGRAPHERS from Whitchurch have been showing off their work at an exhibition at the Market Drayton Festival Centre.

Members of the Whitchurch Photographic Society have set up their exhibition to highlight what they believe to be their favourite and most important work.

The exhibition held its open evening at the Festival Centre on June 4 and will run until June 29.

Sandy Robertson, president of Whitchurch Photographic Society, said: "[The society] has been providing friendship and inspiration for all types of photographers since it was founded in 1962.

"When it comes to our own photography we all have our favourites, something that means a lot to us personally, tells a story or just an image that we are proud of, that is unique and allows us to say I did that."

Sandy added that whatever members reasons for joining the club, they all shared a desire to improve and take better pictures to help them improve and grow as photographers.

"In this exhibition each member of the Whitchurch Photographic Society has selected and presented their own favourite image," added Sandy.

"It may not be their best image technically or even a photograph that they would include in a club competition, it’s just a photograph that means something to them and hopefully to the viewer too."