THE great outdoors seems to have been the theme this week for the Whitchurch Herald’s Camera Club.

Once again, you have sent your pictures to the Camera Club’s Facebook page in your numbers and the recent warmer weather coupled with the longer spring and summer nights, means you’re out and about.

This is perfect for taking pictures to send in.

This week, Kate Long sent in two classic Kate Long shots; first we have an Elephant Hawk Moth which was taking a nice rest on a lupin, followed by a yellow hammer having a look about.

Carol Bickley has sent another feathered friend for viewing and while she doesn’t specify the breed, Carol believes it is the first time a youngster has ventured out of the nest.

In a break away from feathered beasties, we’re joined by Ewan Miller’s four-legged friend Arthur, who, judging by the picture, was definitely keeping an eye on any pesky squirrels that might run down.

And thanks to Lee Art-Images for taking us for a walk through one of the canal tunnels down at Grindley Brook.

Back to our birds, long-time Whitchurch Herald contributor Laura Butler sent in two, both with their own personalities

If you would like to join our Camera Club then do so by visiting our Facebook page and joining the group, or alternatively email with your name and a brief description of the picture.