Outgoing Wem mayor Councillor Connie Granger has thanked all those who supported in her the role after she made way for Cllr Phil Glover.

Cllr Granger stepped down last week with her deputy mayor taking the chains, with Cllr Peter Broomhall voted in as deputy by six votes to five.

She said: “My thanks to the clerk Penny O’Hagan, Sue Thornhill and councillors, plus my chaplain Nick Heron.

“I’ve raised about £2,000, with £1,000 each for my charities, and I will be keeping money to use it as funding for mental health in Wem.

“We want to get it kickstarted and this will help. I wish Phil well and thank him for his support.

“I hope I will keep his friendship, even when he is grumpy, and I would also like to my long-suffering husband Dave.”

Cllr Pauline Dee said: “Thank you for stepping in last year and have done such a wonderful job representing our town.

“So many people were glad you were in the job and I’m pleased I was able help you raise the money for the charities.”