ELLESMERE town councillors are becoming increasingly concerned about unsafe roads, after latest crash.

At Monday’s Ellesmere town council meeting, councillors expressed their concerns surrounding ‘problematic roads’ in the town, with many calling for a meeting with Shropshire Council’s Highways Department (SCHD) as a matter of urgency.

Once again road safety in the area was highlighted by councillors after a crash that took place last week in Scotland Street between a Dialabus minibus and a heavy goods vehicle.

Ellesmere councillors are hoping to discuss their concerns with SCHD at a site meeting in Scotland Street to discuss traffic safety and to show them the problem areas.

Cllr Frost, said: “I’m surprised nobody has been killed yet – the bus is a write-off.

“I feel very angry, we’ve told them about our worries for years but nobody seems interested – are they going to wait until somebody is killed?

“Kids walk to school along the pavement , so do mothers with prams.

“They did lower the curbs, but if two lorries pass one has to mount the pavement.

“If this continues someone could get squashed!

“People complain to us because they think that we aren’t doing anything about it – but it’s not us that can make changes but hopefully SCHD will listen to our worries now.”