Welcome back to this week’s Whitchurch Herald Camera Club which is once again jam-packed with images sent in by our readers.

This week also sees us welcome a new member – Carl Wynn who lives in the Ellesmere area and is an amateur photographer. Carl says he ‘loves taking photos of wildlife, landscapes and nature especially of the surrounding area we live in’.

Well, we love your photographs Carl! This week we’ve included his image of a colourful sunset over the Mere and a swan in flight over the waters.

But there are many more which will be appearing on our website in the coming days so keep an eye out for that.

We’ve also received some great photographs from Ewan Miller including one of his dog Bo chasing bubbles, while Kathryn Goddard sent in a photograph of a squirrel in her garden in Whitchurch, and Callum Beddows photographed a balloon flying over Queensway last week.

If you would like to join our Camera Club you can do so by visiting our Facebook pages and clicking on the groups link.

Or alternatively, you can email emily.lloyd@newsquest.co.uk with your image, name and a brief description of the photograph.

We look forward to receiving them.