The new mayor of Whitchurch faces a busy agenda at Thursday's annual town council meeting, with a number of items set for confidential discussion.

Councillor Tony Neville's tenure as mayor will come to a close at Thursday's meeting, which starts at 7.15pm in the Edward German room, with deputy mayor Cllr Bev Duffy a front runner to take over.

It will be put to a vote of councillors and the new mayor will oversee discussions, which will exclude press and public, on a report from town clerk Nicola Young on how to progress on an offer for land in Deermoss Park.

The council deferred a decision on what to do with the land from recent meetings.

Councillors will be asked to consider feedback on a report from the Bar Franchise Working Group, which has been looking into the potential moving of the Civic Centre bar back under town council control.

Members will be asked to agree a future action after discussing the feedback.

The meeting will also be informed of condition reports into two town buildings – the Civic Centre, which has been produced by Shropshire Council and Centre NE, which has been produced by an independent surveyor.

In the main meeting, Cllr Andy Hall has put forward motion 15 to be discussed regarding youth workers in the town.

His motion stated: "Whitchurch Town Council employs the services of professional detached/outreach youth workers to engage with young people using Jubilee Park and other public places within Whitchurch town centre.

"Cllr Hall proposes this is adopted to take place for a short time period and the results/effectiveness assessed from recorded outcomes.”

The meeting will have a public participation period of 15 minutes while other items on the agenda include pointing members to committees following the appointment of the new mayor, as well as reviewing constitution and governance documents.

Ms Young will deliver a progress report to the council while Zoe Dean, town centre manager, will report on her year's work.

Payments and grants for the year will be approved by members.