A former care home which had become a target for vandals will be transformed into five apartments.

The ex-nursing home in Ash Magna, near Whitchurch, has been empty for a number of years, despite the building being Grade II-Listed.

It has fallen into a state of disrepair and attracts vandals, Shropshire Council’s planning chiefs said.

Now owners, St Philips Care Caledonia Limited, have been granted permission to transform the site.

Sue Collins, Shropshire Council planning case officer, said it would provide benefit to the community.

Granting planning permission on Monday, she said: “This application seeks planning permission for the conversion of the existing building into five residential apartments with associated bin storage and parking areas.

“In addition to this application there is a sister application reference dealing with the works to the listed building in order to achieve the development proposed.

“The property is a detached building located on the outskirts of Ash Magna towards Whitchurch.

“It is set within large open grounds with access of Ash Lane which is the main highway serving the village from Whitchurch.

“The building is a Grade II-listed building and has been vacant for a number of years.

“As such the building has deteriorated and vandalism has occurred and generally the building is in decline although repairs are being carried out to make the structure watertight.

“To the east of the main dwelling there are a couple of outbuildings with a yard area separating them from the main building.

“To the north and east of the application site there are existing residential properties.

“One was created through the conversion of existing stable/coach buildings which were associated with the property and three new dwellings were constructed on land which once formed part of the property.”

She added: “As previously identified the property is a Grade II listed building that is in need of significant repair to bring it back to habitable condition and to restore the historic fabric.

“The proposed scheme would see the building repaired and restored and although it would be subdivided internally, the creation of five residential units would ensure its future preservation.”

Ms Collins said that because of the building’s listed status there was no need to have an affordable housing clause in place.

She added: “It will provide smaller scale accommodation which is of benefit to the local community and ensure the future preservation of the building.”