A Cheshire-based volunteer service is looking for more people to come forward to help older people with their lives.

OPAL Services runs a day service twice a week in Malpas, among other Cheshire villages, providing a much-valued lifeline, getting people out of their houses and connecting with others for a home cooked lunch, a chat and activities.

Volunteer co-ordinator Jackie Clegg, recently appointed, says she is hoping that more people will come to join their service.

"I am delighted to have been appointed as a volunteer co-ordinator by OPAL Services," said Jackie.

"Volunteering is incredibly important to me and something which benefits all involved, whether it's developing skills, becoming part of a team or creating something of lasting value for the community and the people within it.

"OPAL Services have some exceptionally dedicated volunteers who provide an excellent service, week in, week out.

"I cannot wait to introduce more people to the world of volunteering."

Services offered by OPAL include GoOnLine, which helps keep people connected through the Internet.

It offers older people and their carers opportunities to become more confident and competent in using the various types of communication technology – to keep in touch with family and friends and to make some practical everyday tasks such as shopping and banking easier.

There is also the Breaktime Service which offers breaks to those caring for people who may be highly dependent as well as the Carers Connect Service which brings carers who are relatively new to being a carer together with others in the same situation, and provide respite.

Jane Colville, chairman of OPAL, added: "All our OPAL services depend for their success and future on our wonderful volunteers who give selflessly of their time, skills and experience.

"The demand for volunteers is a constant and the range of tasks they undertake very varied and is expanding. Given that volunteers are, along with our staff team, our most valuable asset.

"We are very excited to be in this position and look forward to being able to welcome more volunteers into our OPAL services and provide then with an excellent level of support and opportunity."

If you would like to get involved, call Jackie, on 07592 464856 or email Jackie.clegg@opalservices.org.uk