A MAN who is facing the possibility of limited access to his home by a new bus stop is pleading with Shropshire Council to consider revisions that will give him piece of mind.

David Jackson lives with his wife in Heathwood Road in Higher Heath, between the A41 and A49 routes out of Whitchurch and towards Prees, and says the new bus stop is being built opposite his property.

The stop, he says, is being moved from further down the road because the original was in the way of new houses being built, but Mr Jackson is concerned that the lack of access comes from the stop being on the road, and not in a lay by.

And with future health concerns for both himself and his wife, he admits he is pleading with Shropshire Council to ensure that the layby is built, which he did not challenge in the plans in the first place.

“They moved the bus stop 50 yards down the road because the original one was in the way of the new development,” said Mr Jackson, who has lived in the property for 29 years.

“But they seem to have put it across my drive and I’m seeing that with building traffic.

“The bus will be running all day but the main times will be in the morning.

“It’s also where children will meet during the summer.

“I know already from the building work for the stop that if there’s a vehicle there, I can’t get out.

“My wife and I are in the position where we are going to need long-term care soon so having access is very important all the time.

“I didn’t complain before the building because I was led to believe that it was going to be a bus stop in a layby, which would leave lots of space for traffic and for me to get out.

“My gripe is that it’s not in a layby and that they have put it in the narrowest part of the road, which means people could see right into my dining room.

“I’m pleading with Shropshire Council to turn this bus stop into a layby.”

Mr Jackson added that he has tried to raise the subject with developers and Shropshire Council previously but to no avail.

Shropshire Council was approached for comment but had not replied at the time of going to print.