Lakelands Academy in Ellesmere has received its inspection report for 2019.

The report, published this month is highlights the findings of Ofsted since the last inspection in 2016.

The findings from inspector Richard Gill said that many areas have been improved, with the school retaining its ‘good’ rating.

In the report to headteacher Sophy Bellis, Mr Gill said: “Renewed confidence is apparent in the school community.

“Staff talked openly and freely about their respect for [Mrs Bellis’] leadership and the positive changes that [she] and the leadership team have started.”

Of the performance of pupils, Mr Gill said: “Underperformance has been tackled without delay.

“Staff trust [Mrs Bellis’] clear vision of ensuring that pupils achieve the outcomes of which they are capable.

“A warm and welcoming environment has been created.”

Mr Gill still highlighted the need for improvement though, saying: “The school has not fully addressed the areas for improvement following the previous inspection.

“For example, as a result of the challenges that the school has experienced, the quality of teaching and learning is still variable.

“However, there have been improvements in the attendance of disadvantaged pupils as a result of school strategies.”