There was an expert who came to visit at Lea Brockhurst's latest Women's Institute meeting.

Keith Bonser spoke of his love of the work of Caravaggio on a wet day in Dublin following a tour of the Guinness brewery, and how he was impressed by the National Gallery’s ‘The Taking of Christ’ and intrigued by the tale of how it got to Dublin.

Caravaggio's paintings are of biblical scenes, often quite gory to our eyes. He painted figures who looked all too real to the people of Rome as opposed to the idolised figures which were more normal at the time.

Caravaggio was a somewhat 'rough and ready character', always up for an argument and a fight. In 1606, arguably after some provocation, he challenged Ranuccio Tomassoni to an illegal duel and having killed him became guilty of murder.

He spent the rest of his short life on the run, not least as the result of upsetting The Knights of the Order of St John on Malta following a year spent with them.

At the business meeting, the WI had a report of the Shropshire AGM held earlier that day with some very interesting speakers, with two resolutions going to the National Annual Meeting in June.

The first resolution asks for support, financial and otherwise, from Government and local authorities to reverse the decline in local bus services. The second asks for action to be taken by WI members to raise the awareness of the importance of smear tests.

The evening’s competition ‘A picture of your favourite painting’ was won by Megan Bilson with Pam Clarke second and Elizabeth Jones third. The raffle was won by Helen James and the vote of thanks given by Ann Hall.

In May, they will discuss in full the resolutions going forward to the National AGM and get further information relating to a 2017 NFWI campaign on the polluting effect of plastics on oceans which is beginning to have a positive impact.

If you would like to join them at any future meeting please contact our secretary Julie Woolfenden on 01939 200237 or