Pupils at a Cheshire school received a special guest last week when Eddisbury MP Antoinette Sandbach visited Shocklach Oviatt C of E Primary School.

Ms Sandbach was presented with specially crafted gifts from the children designed to convey their messages around climate change, admitting that she was delighted to listen to their ideas of respect.

She said: “It was really inspiring visiting Shocklach School. The children’s message of listening to others with respect is something that many MPs in Parliament could learn from.

"The children articulated their concerns about the future of the planet in an embroidered handkerchief with the words, “Don’t blow it! There is still hope. Made by Shocklach with courage, care and love."

Teacher Finola Jackson added: “I was inspired by Liverpool based, Sarah Corbett’s concept of “Craftivism” – the art of gentle protest through craft. Recently there have been pupil strikes and other aggressive shouts for change across the country but pupils at Shocklach are keen to express their desires to protect our world in a gentle and imaginative way.

“It’s a privilege to channel the children’s passion and concern for injustices in the world into creative objects and activities. The process of making also helps children engage more deeply and critically with the issues they care about.

“We believe our embroidered hanky has the potential to present a powerful message under the nose of power holders and help play a part in encouraging change.”

Ms Sandbach attended a special Celebration Worship where the children spoke about their Young Leaders awards, being an 'Eco' School and how they are working towards the Global Neighbours accreditation.

The children articulated the importance of giving back in the world and making a difference. The MP experienced the emphasis on Religious Education in the school with a special screening of their award-winning video on the concept of creation.

Ms Sandbach also joined the pupils with running their ‘daily mile’ and spent time in each class looking at work before taking part in a special question and answer session with the older children