The people of Whitchurch are being asked to rack their brains to help a business identify people.

Auctioneers Trevanion and Dean, who are based in Station Road, have come into possession of a photograph and football medals ahead of their latest auction.

Partner Christina Trevanion says her company is looking for help in identifying the people in the photograph, and hopes in the long-term the medals will stay in the town.

"The photograph is accompanied by five football medals, it’s such a lovely little collection that is so relevant to Whitchurch itself," she said.

"I dearly hope they will stay in the local area; we would like to appeal to people to see whether they can identify any of the people in the photograph – are they distant relatives?

"Or can they identify where the photograph was taken?

"The photograph depicts ‘Whitchurch Alex F C 1928-1929’ and in pencil on the reverse it says ‘Winners of the Powell Cup, Crossley cup and Wrenbury league’, and it also states the names ‘L. Porter, T. Wharton, E. Newbrook, C. Morris, A. Slawson, P. Jones, H. Butterworth, S. Talor, L. Bradbury, B. Wharton’.

"Our reason for appealing for help is two-fold, firstly to help us identify any of the individuals in the photograph and secondly to raise awareness of the pieces and hope that someone in the area will purchase them so that they can stay locally."

The photograph and medals have been entered into the auctioneers next auction on May 11 with an estimate of £60-£100.7

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