North Shropshire Wheelers are gearing up towards the Evening 10-mile series time trials begin on Wednesday.

There are 14 events in total with the 10 best rides counting, and the Evening 10 series will be shared between two courses – the Prees course (D32/10) and the Hawkstone circuit (D310/2).

The headquarters for all evening events will be at Prees Cricket and Recreation Club while competitors can enter on the line, starting at 7.30pm on top of the Prees bypass for both courses.

Allow time to sign on, plus about 10 minutes to ride to the start.

Entry fee is £4 per rider. If you fancy a taster first, the NSW’s are offering a ‘come and try’ before committing. The club will waive the entry fee for potential new members.

For more details contact Mo Cliff