PLANS have been entered which could see 15 new homes built in a village.

Primesave Properties has applied to develop land to the rear of Brookfield Close in Penley.

The company has previously built a number of houses nearby and now wants to create a mixture of two, three and four bedroom properties.

However, concerns have been raised by one neighbour about the potential for surface water from the development to cause flooding.

In a letter sent as part of a pre-planning application consultation, David Thelwell said he had taken photos which showed the new homes already built were causing rainwater to flood Ellesmere Lane.

He said: "By proposing a further 15 houses with roads, drives and yards you are adding tens of thousands of gallons of extra surface water into the system.

"There is no gradient off site other than Ellesmere Lane and its surrounding properties and this is a road, not a watercourse.

"Previous to your development the greenfield site and hedgerow provided virtually no risk of this happening.

"The development of Meadow Rise has already caused flooding as evidenced in my photos.

"More properties could lead to catastrophic flood damage in the area."

In response to the issue raised, the Shropshire-based housing firm said the matters had partly been addressed by proposed amendments to surface water drainage at the site.

They added that work had also been carried out at the junction highlighted by Mr Thelwell to deal with standing water.

In a design and access statement, the company said the new homes would improve the appearance of the area.

They said: "This scheme will provide high quality residential accommodation which is a suitable use of a previously underutilised site.

"It provides a carefully considered design which responds to the surrounding dwellings and respects the amenity of its neighbours.

"Sufficient parking has been provided on site to allay any concern neighbours may have regarding on street parking.

"The mix of houses will create a range of dwelling types for families.

"This proposal will provide much needed high quality in a sustainable location and meets all relevant planning and design requirements."

The proposals will be considered by Wrexham Council at a future date.