Malpas Parish Council will not be holding any elections next month after the number of candidates matched the number of positions available.

It was expected that residents in Malpas would be expected to vote for parish councillors on Thursday, May 2, as well as taking part in the Cheshire West and Chester elections.

However, the residents will only to vote in the unitary authority elections.

Malpas Parish Council will be made up of 14 councillors including Tina Barnett, Michael Boxall, Richard Charlton, William Darlington, Roma Hancock, Charles Higgie, Michelle Lloyd, Karen Meredith, George Mifsud, Enric Sabria Picton-Hughes, Adrian Waddelove, John Webb, Chris Whitehurst and Michael Williams.

Four councillors chose to include details about themselves, with Cllr Higgie declaring he 'works hard for Malpas'; Cllr Mifsud is an officer in the Royal Air Force; Cllr Sabria Picton-Hughes also declared to be working for a better Malpas and Cllr Waddelove declared himself an independent.

For the Cheshire West and Chester elections in Malpas, three candidates have put themselves forward to replace current councillor Chris Whitehurst, who is standing down.

Charles Higgie is standing as an independent while the Conservative candidate will Rachel Williams and Paula D'Arcy will represent Labour.

Meanwhile, Threapwood Parish Council has also announced it will not be holding an election this year after all positions were filled by available candidates.