An online survey run by Eddisbury MP Antoinette Sandbach, which covers Malpas and Audlem, has seen constituents back a potential second referendum or 'soft' Brexit over no deal.

The survey, launched last month, has had more than 1,500 responses in less than a week and shows that a no-deal Brexit was vehemently opposed by two thirds of respondents and that Eddisbury constituents thought that revoking Article 50 was preferable to no deal.

The most popular Brexit deal of all was for Common Market 2.0, which would see the UK maintaining its economic ties with the continent while leaving the political institutions of the European Union – such as the European Court of Justice.

The least popular option was for a Canada-style deal, the so called ‘hard-Brexit’ option.

It also showed that if a second referendum was held, respondents would lean heavily towards remain.

Ms Sandbach said: “This shows that a substantial number of my constituents believe that in order to deliver Brexit, we must pass the Prime Minister’s deal and secure good economic links with the EU in the future. It also shows that there is much more support for revoking Article 50 rather than leaving with no deal.

“I’m very grateful to so many of my constituents for taking part. This is by far the largest survey I have conducted, and it demonstrates the huge interest in the subject. It also shows that Eddisbury, like Parliament and the country as a whole, is divided.

"It demonstrates that Brexit could be slipping away and that to ensure that it is delivered all sides must be willing to compromise. That is why I supported these compromise options to deliver Brexit, such as Common Market 2.0 and a customs union, in the indicative votes.”