A man who reported a bomb hoax at Whitchurch railway station has been jailed for more than two years.

Stephen Merrifield, 82, of Black Park, Whitchurch, left his car outside the station with notes inside saying it was booby trapped after he was arrested for breaching a court order.

Part of the town had to be sealed off and the bomb squad was brought in to ensure the vehicle was safe in May last year, as well as intimidating witnesses and assaulting a police officer.

The court heard Merrifield, a bus conductor for 40 years, was banned from having contact with children after a long history of sexual offending.

Shrewsbury Crown Court heard he was was banned from travelling on buses and wearing anything that resembled public service or forces uniforms.

Judge Peter Barrie jailed Merrifield for a total of 26 months and said the pensioner had 'behaved appallingly'.

However, Judge Barrie agreed to alter the sexual offences order by removing a ban preventing the defendant from travelling on buses.

Seleena Mahmood, prosecuting, said that in April last year Merrifield was seen on a bus and saluting people and the police were alerted.

He was later involved in harassing and intimidating the people who had reported him.

When the defendant was arrested in May for breaching the sex offence order he was extremely obstructive, threw a shoe at an officer and scratched him.

Miss Mahmood said the defendant was released and a few days later his green Ford Fiesta was found outside Whitchurch railway station.

Notes inside the car said it was booby trapped while there was anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic sentiments expressed.

Miss Mahmood said that in the boot police found a petrol can and a large unidentified object.

An area around the railway station was cordoned-off and an explosive ordnance unit later declared the car was safe.

When Merrifield's house was searched police found other notes and Nazi memorabilia.

Dean Easthope, for Merrifield, said his client had been deeply disturbed by his treatment by the police, but regretted his actions.

He said Merrifield had been in custody on remand and his health was a major concern.

His client was confined to a wheelchair because of leg ulcers and because he was isolated he was depressed.

"My client has told me that he suffers from a personality disorder and is delusional," Mr Easthope said.