THE decision to close 120 recycling banks across the county in a bid to save £270,000 a year could be called in for review.

Shropshire Council’s cabinet agreed to close the county’s ‘bring bank’ sites at a meeting last week.

They are the recycling bins located at sites such as car parks, where householders can recycle newspapers, textiles and bottles.

But the cabinet voted to close them, saying the current kerbside recycling collections were sufficient.

But Councillor Roger Evans, leader of the Lib Dem group on the council has said he is now considering ‘calling in’ the decision for scrutiny, saying the consultation findings had been ignored.

He said: “I am considering calling in the decision as it fails completely to take into consideration the results of a consultation.

“The information provided was very one-sided. The points made about fly-tipping were very biased and did not address or give information on the present position and how has that altered in the last few years.

“Why do a consultation if all the answers are to be ignored. Transparency and accountability appear not to apply to the cabinet members. They will decide what happens regardless of other views.

“One has to ask who is running Shropshire Council. Are the finances so bad that cabinet will vote for every recommendation that saves money.

“If that is the case then why do any consultations and we can take it for granted that the charge for every green bin will soon be implemented.  

“The saving in recycling of £1.5m is a huge sum and has the decision to charge for green bins already been made behind the closed doors as it appears has happened here.”

Councillor David Turner, Conservative member for Much Wenlock, said he was also unhappy with the move.

He said: “I do have concerns about the removal of bring banks, so giving rise to an increase in litter and in fly-tipping.

“Many householders do not have the space to easily accommodate recycling boxes and the wastepaper bag.

“Some, like me, live some distance from the highway and in any event have to drive their recycling and general waste to the roadside, so many will take it to a bring bank at a time of their choosing.

“I have been involved in a community litter pick in Much Wenlock for the past three years.

“I am concerned that all of the good results we have achieved by clearing litter – frequently bottles and cans – and the example that we set, will be reversed by the loss of these well-used facilities.”

Councillor Lezley Picton, portfolio holder for waste, said the consultation had been listened to and there had been 50 responses backing the closure.