The speed limit will be cut on a main road in a bid to improve safety following two fatal crashes – but one campaigner says it does not go anywhere near far enough.

The A525 Nantwich Road at Broughall, east of Whitchurch, looks set to be dropped from a 60mph zone to a 50mph zone.

Shropshire Council is currently consulting on the plans and is urging anyone who wants to have their say to come forward by April 10.

A council spokesman said: “Following two recent fatal road traffic collisions on the A525 Nantwich Road at Broughall to the east of Whitchurch, safety concerns have been raised by the local community regarding the speed of traffic travelling along this section of the A525.

“As a result of the investigations carried out, and following consultation with the police, Shropshire Council as the local Highway Authority proposes to introduce a 50mph speed limit order to restrict vehicle speeds to a level that is appropriate to the environment for this section of the A525, and to provide both improved road safety for all road users and quality of life for the local community.”

A motorcyclist died on the stretch of road in June last year, while in 2017 a motorcyclist and a pedestrian both died after a collision near Villa Farm Fishing.

However, Chris Weaver, who owns the fishery, has called for safety signs and a further speed reduction.

He said: “This will make absolutely no difference whatsoever to the speed of the road and I am sick to my back teeth of it.

“The road needs to be 30mph or at most 40mph. The speed cars and bikes do along it is absolutely staggering.

“I have Cubs, Brownies and Guides as well as children with learning or behavioural problems coming to my fishery and they have to use this road. It is terrifying and something needs to be done.

“I have been banging the drum for long enough and a drop from 60 to 50 will not mean anything. It will be ignored.”

He added: “I lost one of my fishermen in a horrendous crash just two years ago and what I saw that day will live with me forever.

“Why do we need to wait for something to happen before we take action. Be proactive not reactive.

“Make it 30mph now before we lose another poor person.

“I have been hit myself in the chest by a passing car mirror. Something more than this needs to be done.”