Ellesmere Rangers are still in the dark with regards to which league they will be playing their football in next season.

The North West Counties Division One South side sit 19th in the table with relegation looking the likely outcome from the season, however due to league reformations in recent years, the club feels as though it is still unsure where it will play its football next season regardless of their ultimate league finish.

Director of Football Alan Davis has admitted he fears another difficult season could be in store for the Meresiders if they don’t find out which league they will play in soon.

“We just have our sights set on next season now,” he said.

“We’re looking for a decision to be made by the FA with regards to where we’ll be playing next season.

“We have no idea where we’ll be playing next season, and not just because of the threat of relegation.

“It’s all very up in the air, it’s a little bit like last season.”

At the start of the 2018/19 season, Ellesmere Rangers were transferred to the NWCFL Division One South just two days before the season got underway.

The decision left those involved with the club frustrated, and Alan believes the decision has had a negative effect on the club’s season and fears it would do so again if something similar happened this time round.

He added: “How can we organise our set-up and our squad for the coming pre-season and season if we don’t know which league we’re going to be playing in.

“As I said, even if we get relegated, we’re not 100 per cent certain which league we’ll be sent to, or if we’ll be moved even if we avoid relegation.

“When you see first hand just what grassroots football is often managed like, then you realise it’s no wonder you see teams folding or struggling or have board members stepping down.

“We don’t want to be in the same position at the start of next season that we were at the start of this one.

“If we were to stay in the league for another year, I think it would be good for us now as we’d be on better footing than we were this time round.

“We’ll have the opportunity for a full pre-season as well as time to prepare.

“The league is a great standard and after having a year to attract players, hopefully we could hit the ground running.”

Despite the low league position, Alan says there have been signs of improvement from the team in recent games.

He said: “As for football on the pitch, we haven’t been performing too bad.

“We’re still bringing in some new faces as and when we can.

“We have eight league games left to play, so we’re just looking to finish as strong as we can and just get as many points on the board as we can.”

Rangers’ weekend fixture against Wythenshawe Town at Beech Grove was called off due to heavy wind and rain.

Their next fixture is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 23 when they travel to face Maine Road.