A ROTARY Club has raised a record sum for its latest annual appeal.

The Rotary Club of Ellesmere has thanked the businesses and individuals who helped raise £2,419.86 in the Christmas Club Appeal.

Members at the March meeting welcomed guests from various organisations in the area.

Club president, Ian Wooley said “Each organisation makes its own special contribution to the success of our local community life, and I am delighted that the 2018 Club Christmas Appeal raised the record amount of £2,419.86 that can now be distributed among them to help with with their continuing work.”

Appeal director, Ewan Williamson, again expressed the club’s thanks to those who supported the appeal through the administration of the Tree of Light and the Books of Remembrance.

Community Committee chairman, Bob McBride, announced the distribution of a further £725 on the night, from the club’s own charity account.

“Needs are many and all are deserving,” he said.

Bob called forward recipients in turn, and each gave a brief explanation to members about how the money would be spent, and how valuable the contribution would be to their cause.