Whitchurch ladies 1sts 4

Timperley ladies 4sts 0

After a few hard matches Whitchurch were determined to work hard for a win.

Whitchurch started the first half strong, with Catherine Reece-Gresty and Chloe Lloyd defending the Whitchurch goal well from incoming shots from the Timperley players.

After a few minutes of battling, Whitchurch were awarded a long corner where Lisa Sullivan drove down the base line and pushed the ball to Ellie Windsor who converted the first goal of the match.

Whitchurch continued to work hard with Helen Machin and captain Catherine Winter-Gresty making some good tackles and passing the ball around the Timperley players.

After a lot of strong attacking play, Whitchurch’s efforts were finally rewarded with a second goal scored by Hebe Dixon.

With Whitchurch’s hopes high, goalkeeper Maddy Sugden made some amazing saves and defender Reece-Gresty made some great passes to the Whitchurch players clearing the ball from their dee and leaving the score 2-0 at half-time.

After the half-time break, Whitchurch remained strong with Sophie Ward and Izzy Huxley making some great runs and hits into the Timperley dee where Helena Dannenfeldt was able to score Whitchurch’s third goal of the match.

Both teams continued to play well with Jess Caruthers making some great tackles and runs into the Timperley dee. Players Millie Edwards and Izzy Huxley made some good runs and passed the ball around the Timperley players well, managing to get the ball to Hebe Dixon on the base line.

She crossed the ball into the Timperley dee where Ellie Windsor deflected the ball into the goal for her second of the game.

Timperley made some late breaks, however the final whistle went and the score remained 4-0. Whitchurch player Hebe Dixon received best player.

Next week, Whitchurch ladies 1sts will play Wilmslow 3rds at home.