Eight women who illegally used customer coupons to claim discounts while working at a Whitchurch supermarket must repay more than £15,000 in compensation.

The group, who all worked at the Co-op store in Wrexham Road, had misused the ‘swipe and win’ coupons to save thousands on shopping.

The coupons, which gave money off the total cost and reductions for specific goods, were retained by the group and used repeatedly. One £10 coupon was laminated so it could be re-used.

It was estimated the year-long scam in 2016 had cost the Co-op around £40,000 and applications for confiscation orders were made under the Proceeds of Crime Act to recover the monies.

However, at a hearing at Shrewsbury Crown Court last week it was agreed to seek compensation against the eight defendants.

Kevin Jones, prosecuting, said that following investigations into the financial status of the women it allowed flexibility for them to pay.

Compensation orders were made by Judge Peter Barrie against all the women.

The court heard that Yazmin Moore, 27, of Wrexham Road, had registered £9,644 in illegal discounts but due to her circumstances compensation in her case was set at just £800.

Lana Kennedy, 22, of Alington Road, must pay £5,710 and Sally Smith, 49, of Caldecott Crescent, has to pay almost £2,300.

Sophie Birch, 21, of Gilberts Lane, Coton, will pay £1,018, while Mandy Moore, 49, of Edward German Drive, Whitchurch, will pay £425.

Louise Wyke, 39, of Wem Road, Tilstock, must pay £772 and Susan Broster, 59, of Wrexham Road, will pay £3,300 and Michelle Carson, 43, also of Wrexham Road, has to pay just over £1,000.

In October, Smith, Kennedy, Broster, Yazmin Moore and Mandy Moore were all sentenced to 14 months jail suspended for two years.

Birch, Carson and Louise Wyke were each sentenced to 12-month community orders and all the defendants were ordered to carry out between 100 and 150 hours unpaid work.

Seven of the women, who had all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud, were each ordered to pay £200 court costs.

In the case of Carson, who was convicted after a trial, costs will be determined at a future hearing.