ELLESMERE has its first bike shop for more than 20 years thanks to Rod and Jo Evans.

The couple opened “A Mere Cycle” on Market Street in Ellesmere on Saturday as they look to offer bike rentals and sales to the people in the region.

Rodney has run the mobile business for more than three years and has moved to the shop after the business has grown in popularity.

He said: “I’ve been working with bikes for three and a half years working mobile, and it has just seemed to grow and grow, so it has been pushed in this direction of getting a shop.

“It’s a step forward for us but also for the area – Ellesmere hasn’t had a bike shop for 20 odd years so it’s about time we had one here.

“We’ll be offering hire bikes, servicing repairs and a wide range of products to keep your bike up to scratch.

“It’s a good place for a bike hire and sales shop, especially with the Mere nearby and all the canals – there are a lot of places people want to explore around here.”

Rod now runs the business with the help of his wife Jo, who surprised him by getting the shop for him.

The bike-enthusiast spoke of how happy he was to wake up and find out he will now have a shop in his hometown.

"I’m an Ellesmere lad and I’ve lived here all my life,” he said.

“To have a shop here is absolutely brilliant. If you move away and open a shop, I’m sure it’s still great for a lot of people, but to have one in a place where everyone knows you, it means a lot.

“My wife surprised me by sorting out the shop, I had absolutely no idea what was happening.

“She helps me out with the accounts and other things, so we’re hoping it all goes well and that we can stay here for a long time.

“Today was the opening day and we have already had a good number of customers coming through the door to check out what we have to offer which is nice.”