A centre which supports many groups across Whitchurch has held an annual coffee morning this week, to raise funds and awareness.

The Brownlow Centre Trust, in Brownlow Street, held their event at the town's Civic Centre on Friday, raising funds for the upkeep of the building and for new windows,

Jeffrey Still, who is the honourable secretary at the Trust, says it is good for people to be aware of what they can offer and was pleased to see so many there to help.

"My wife, Kink, is the only original trustee from when it became a trust in 1982," he said.

"It's great to see people here helping us out and they are a cross-section of groups from the town, such as Chris Smith from the Rotary Club is here helping and he is our new chairman, while Catherine Coddington who does our newsletter is here too.

"The coffee morning helps us show off to people what we do. For example, the Little Bears nursery is the biggest daytime user of the centre and is a registered charity.

"And if they hadn't have done that, then there was a good chance we'd have gone under.

"They are a big part of what we do, and we have Club Generation for adults with learning needs, and we also have the Whitchurch Jubilee Band.

"The Whitchurch bodybuilders are one of the longest serving groups in there, and we want to thank all the businesses in Whitchurch who have donated to the coffee morning."