WHILE love is in the air on Valentine’s Day for everyone else in Whitchurch, the town council’s finance committee will have money matters to discuss at the Civic Centre.

The committee will be holding its monthly meeting in the Edward German Room from 7pm onwards on Thursday.

There will be a period of public participation at the start of the meeting, where residents will be given around 15 minutes to raise any issues for councillors to discuss.

There is no confidential business for the councillors, but the agenda will still be packed full.

Members of the committee, which is chaired by Councillor Alan Chesters, will be asked to sign off the accounts for January and approve the payment of the council’s credit card for December 2018.

The committee will also be asked to review and agree to the recommended change to Whitchurch Town Council Financial Regulations para 4.1 in line with the Internal Auditors Report, para 5.

Members will review the charitables trusts deeds of both the Berrington Trust and Greaves Trust as well as deciding to pursue new payroll software or to accept the increased charges brought by the current Payroo software the council uses.