Students at Sir John Talbot’s School (SJT) in Whitchurch were 'drawn' to an event to meet a famous illustrator.

Charlie Adlard visited the school last week for a session with students and he is best known for his work with The Walking Dead comics.

He visited the school and spoke to art students, speaking about his career, offering advice and answered any questions that the students had.

The illustrator, who was born in Shrewsbury, has been working on The Walking Dead since 2004, has also worked on comics including Batman, The Green Lantern and Mars Attacks!.

Charlie said: “It is great to be at Sir John Talbot’s School to inspire students particularly those studying art.

"I try to get students engaged in reading comics on a variety of platforms as part of my role as comics laureate.

"Technology has allowed me to split my time between pen and digital, this also opens up the industry to suit many talents.

"Even with 25 years’ experience, I still attend a life drawing session as often as I can as there are always new things to learn about drawing especially in my line of work – just keep practicing!”

Nia Lloyd, art teacher at SJT, added: “Our students enjoyed a wonderful insight into Charlie’s career as a comic artist and they were left truly inspired by his work.

"We would like to thank Charlie for coming to see our students."