Whitchurch Town Council’s first meetings of February will take place tomorrow ahead of another busy month.

The Parks and Public Realm Committee will meet at the Edward German Room, in the Civic Centre, from 7pm onwards before the Civic Centre Committee meets an hour later at 8pm.

The Parks agenda is a relatively short one with just six items up for discussion and no private part of the meeting.

Members of the public will be allowed to take part in the first 15 minutes if there is anything they wish to bring up.

Members of the committee will be asked to confirm and approve the minutes of the previous meeting and the accounts for the previous month.

They will then discuss four items regarding Jubilee Park, including quotes for the installation of CCTV in Jubilee Park, based mainly around the work shed; future public furniture items; to move the shed door and review the Parks Contract Working Group.

Meanwhile, the Civic Centre meeting has 10 items on its agenda, based around the Main Hall’s flooring and doors, and the Market Hall, with plans to confirm the light project working group, an electrical condition survey and also agree on a report concerning emergency lighting.

There will also be discussion on plans for the Friday market as well as considering a dishwasher for the downstairs kitchen. among other items.