Town councillors in Wem have agreed to investigate further anything they can do to help residents and owners of flats in Park House.

Councillor Pauline Dee brought the agenda item forward to Thursday's council meeting after she in turn was contacted by an owner of two properties in the Grade II-listed building in Park Road.

They emailed Cllr Dee to ask about an absent owner, as well as trying to discover the owner of the freehold, as a wall near one of the flats they own has started to bulge, and could collapse.

The flat owner said they have put up fencing in order to protect their tenants.

Cllr Dee added: "I have had representation from someone that owns some of the flats there.

"This person is very concerned that further snow/ice or frost will make the walls bulge while the overall owner of it won’t take responsibility.

"The owners has put screen fencing to keep their tenants away from it."

Another of the flat owners, who recently moved out of Park Hall, attended the meeting and he confirmed they only have personal insurance e.g. for inside the property.

But he added that no-one is looking after the fabric of the building so if the walls were to collapse, then there would be trouble.

Councillors agreed to look into the matter further.

Meanwhile, in other items discussed at the meeting in Edinburgh House, the town council have instructed clerk Penny O'Hagan to begin planning for an application for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding.

The clerk told councillors that any funding secured for projects with Wem Town Council would have to be linked to growth or development in the town.

The pot for Wem town CIL was £13k in 2018/19 but the clerk added that it is not just open to to the tow council but to anyone who can justify a project alongside a development e.g. a school or group.

Councillors agreed to start an application, rather than deferring the item to a later date.

Other items discussed including supporting two planning applications with conditions, including a tree preservation order to raise the bottom branches of a tree to five metres at Mill House Farm, Whitchurch Road.

They also supported work at Shrewsbury Road Garage in Shrewsbury Road, provided sight lines around the establishment for cars were kept clear.