Whitchurch Town Council is teaming up with Community Energy Twemlows CIC to be able to help fund more community projects across the area.

The local Energy CIC has given Whitchurch Town Council an extra £2,000 to add to the council’s grant fund and will therefore enable more community projects to be funded.

Whitchurch Mayor, Councillor Tony Neville, said: “Every year Whitchurch Town Council sets within its budget an amount to grant funds to community groups to help with local projects.

“These projects support and provide activities for our community organisations and in turn, the people of Whitchurch, and now, through the generous donation from Community Energy Twemlows CIC, we can help to provide more support to our town.”

The town clerk, Nicola Young, added that the funds will be allocated the same way as the other funds and you can get in touch with the town council for an application form.

The Community Energy Twemlows CIC funding has certain criteria that needs to be met including promoting fuel poverty relief, increase community participation, provide environmental education and support conservation initiatives.

For more information on Twemlows’ grant support, you can contact 01948 665761 or email info@whitchurchcouncil.uk

n Meanwhile, for more information on the grant application process from Whitchurch Town Council, see Your News on page 22 of today’s Herald