NORTH Shropshire’s MP has given his reaction to the result of the no confidence vote on Wednesday evening.

MPs had their say on whether they hold confidence in the current government, after Theresa May’s Brexit deal was rejected on Tuesday evening by a margin of 230 votes.

Owen Paterson voted against the motion to show his confidence in his party’s leader, but insists the government must now focus primarily on delivering the promise to leave the European Union.

“It [the no confidence vote] was just a formality really – I voted against the motion. The last thing we want is a Marxist government.

“I saw Theresa this morning and although I can’t go into detail about it as the meeting was private, we had a very constructive discussion.

“It is good she’s listening to other voices – but ultimately leave means leave.

“We need to leave the customs union and leave the remit of the European Court of Justice and ultimately listen to the 17.4 million people who voted to leave.

“David Cameron made it clear that the people were voting to leave the European Union – it wasn’t an opinion poll, it was a referendum, so we must deliver on the result.”