With Christmas over and mock exams set to test their minds, Year 11 pupils across the Marches Academy were treated to a special day of learning techniques aimed at helping their preparation.

Students from The Marches School, in Oswestry, and Sir John Talbot’s School in Whitchurch, took part in a 'Countdown to Success Day' on January 17, in preparation for their GCSE exams in the summer.

The Marches Academy Trust students took part in a number of workshops including ‘Resilience and Stress Management’, ‘Get Revising’ and a workshop hosted by Karim Al-Abbas from Enlighten Education.

Karim shared ways to improve learning and memory skills which will lead to increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

Students that have worked with Karim in previous years have been empowered to start using the techniques immediately and take ownership of the way they learn.

Alison Pearson, associate headteacher of the Marches School, says the day is a perfect way to help students prepare for their exams.

“The 'Countdown to Success Day' is an annual event that we look forward to which helps students across both schools prepare for their examinations in the best possible way," she said.

"By encouraging the students to learn about relaxation, resilience and a host of revision strategies, the students are looking forward with confidence to the rest of the academic year and their end of year examinations.”