A CHARITY is looking to re-establish a re-homing base for former battery hens near Wrexham.

The British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) re-homed 881 hens from Home Farm in Overton during 2018, but its last re-homing day took place on June 24 and a local co-ordinator has since stepped down from her position.

Re-homing hens is a growing trend in the UK with the trust trying to see that working hens are passed on to loving new homes where they will get access to the outdoors to see out their days.

Battery hen farming was banned in the UK in 2012 and while many farmers have introduced more humane cages for their birds conditions can still be crowded. Economic pressures are forcing many farmers to cut their losses and send ageing birds to slaughter.

But over 670,000 hens destined for slaughter have been found new homes by the trust since it was founded in 2005.

Since the demise of the re-homing days in Wrexham it has established a re-homing centre at Nantwich from where 2,251 hens have been re-homed since June.

Now it is looking to recruit a new co-ordinator for the Wrexham/Shropshire area and Francesca Mapp, BHWT Marketing Manager, said: “No-one has come forward yet and we are currently not re-homing, but the new Cheshire re-homing base nearby has been very successful.

“The co-ordinator role involves overseeing a re-homing day from start to finish, including the filling out of paperwork. Re-homing days can be long and exhausting, but there is no better feeling than knowing you’ve helped send hundreds of hens off to start a free range retirement.

“If anyone is interested and has got a Saturday or Sunday to spare every four to six weeks then we would ask them to get in touch.”

If you are interested in the re-homing co-ordinator role or would like to give a rehomed hen a happy home contact the BHWT at Hen Central on 01884 860084.