Cheshire Wildlife Trust is hosting a number of events at its Bickley Hall Farm base in Malpas during January and February.

The trust, which is also welcoming new members in 2019, will have two events in the new year, starting with a Woodworking Wonders event on January 19, between 10am and 4pm.

Visitors will be able to take any wood they feel they can upcycle and will be shown how they can turn it into something practical or for display in their homes.

Katie Greenwood, from the trust, says anyone attending the event can learn the basics of woodworking.

She said: “You can get creative and have a go at upcycling pallets and scaffolding planks to create something wonderful.

“You’ll learn the basics of woodworking principles and get the opportunity to create a bespoke item to take home with you.”

The cost of the session is £75, which includes a lunch and is suitable for adults only.

For more information about what the course entails, call 01948 820728 or email

Meanwhile, on February 20, there is a tool maintenance workshop, also at Bickley Hall Farm.

Katie added: “Are you fed up with blunt tools and having to buy new ones?

“This workshop will teach you a range of traditional and modern methods of maintaining hand tools. The day will give you a chance to look at different tools, their safe use and maintenance.

“Feel free to bring your own hand tools that are in need of a little TLC. There will be a dedicated section to sharpening methods.”

The day runs from 10am to 3pm and is free for all, but donations to Cheshire Wildlife Trust are welcome. To book this event, email or head to