(Talbot Theatre, Whitchurch, Jan 8)

Spellbinding storyteller Daniel Morden returns to Whitchurch on Friday, January 18 at 7.30pm when The Devil’s Violin Company presents ‘Stolen’.

As Daniel transports the audience to the Land of No Return, he will be accompanied by the exquisite, hypnotic strings of Sarah Moody on cello and Oliver Wilson-Dickson on violin.

An Arts Alive event, tickets are £10 with young people at £5.

Meanwhile, North Shropshire Folk’s first gig of 2019 is ‘Megson’ on Saturday, February 2nd at 8pm.

Husband and wife duo Debs (vocals, whistle, piano accordion) and Stu Hanna (guitar, mandola, banjo) bring an infectious mix of heavenly vocals, lush harmonies and driving rhythmic guitars.

Tickets are £14 adults, £12 adult concessions and £6 young people.

There will also be 'Flicks in the Sticks' on January 8 with a screening of the classic '9 to 5', starting at 7.30pm with 70’s/80’s nibbles from 6.30pm included in the ticket price of £4.50 adults, £4 adult concessions and £3.50 young people. Starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton, what a way to spend a cold, dark January evening.