An extension to the Memorial Garden has been erected at Ellesmere Cemetery.

This is the latest development in a series of improvements that have taken place over recent years.

The new extension, with its redesigned layout of plinths, will allow relatives and visitors easier access to the individual plots than in the original Memorial Garden area where there is less space to walk between the plinths.

The Swan Hill Cemetery in many ways lies at the heart of the town providing a place for quiet reflection for people visiting the graves or memorials of their loved ones.

The cemetery is used for burials and the interment of ashes and the names and histories of many of those who lie there are well-known to local people and were all part of the history of Ellesmere and the surrounding area.

Many people work hard to provide this facility. Representatives of Ellesmere Town Council and Ellesmere Rural Parish Council make up the Cemetery Working Group, which oversees the cemetery’s upkeep and ensures that it is able to provide a fitting service to people at a difficult time in their lives.

David Jones, the cemetery co-ordinator, has seen many improvements carried out at the cemetery since he took up the job in 2012.

“We want to provide the best facilities possible for those who are laid to rest here and for their families and friends,” he explained. “Over the last six years, work has been undertaken not only on the cemetery grounds but also on the chapel and store.”

Developments have included refurbishment of the existing Memorial Garden area, the three bench seats in the cemetery, and the Cremorne Gardens fence and stonework. Some existing tarmac pathways have been removed and re-turfed, the chapel and store have been redecorated and had lights and heaters installed, and the driveways have been improved by the addition of metal edging and gravel chippings. A noticeboard was erected at the main entrance gates during this time.

In 2015 the 150th anniversary of the opening of the cemetery in 1865 was marked by refurbishment of the main gates and installation of a new gate and railings at the top of the cemetery.

Cllr John Baker, from Ellesmere Rural Parish Council and current chairman of the working group, said: “We take our work very seriously and will continue to develop and maintain Ellesmere Cemetery to the highest standard.”

For more information contact David Jones, either by telephone on 01939 260653 or e-mail