Whitchurch Rotary Club members have undergone vital training to use the town’s defibrillators and now want to discover more about the important devices.

Three members from the Rotary – Mike Valentine, Tony Birch and Don Pierce – joined with Julie Rich from Heartstart this week to learn how to use a defibrillator on a helpful dummy.

Rotary club member Peggy Mullock, who is also Shropshire councillor, believes the club’s presence in the town makes it important for them to be trained in how to use the vital devices.

She said: “Whitchurch Rotary Club members have recently been taking training in CPR.

“As they are present at so many public events in the town when they were offered the chance to take the course many of the members were pleased to take advantage.

“They also were able to learn how to use the defibrillators which are now becoming more into use around the town.”

The training has led to the club wanting to do more for defibrillators around the town.

Mr Birch, who is the community leader in the club, is hoping to now collate a list of the available lists in the town for future reference.

He said: I would now like to have a list of where these defibrillators are in our area,

“So if you know where they are could you please let Tony know on 01948 890687 or contact a Rotary member to enable a record to be produced.”