The build-up to Hallowe'en has come to be one of the most exciting times of the year and that was no different for people of all ages at Malpas's Ivy House farm.

Hundreds showed up at the farm in between Malpas and Whitchurch over the course of a few days to take their picks of the best pumpkins specially grown for the big day.

Of course it got too much for some so they had to be carried around in the wheelbarrows when they became too tired, as was the case with Daisy Maie Richards (pictures right).

There was also the popular 'maize maze' where plucky adventure lovers of all ages where challenged to find their way to the centre and then back out again without getting lost.

It proved to be a challenge for many but did not stop everyone from having a try at the huge field in Malpas.

A trip to Ivy House farm is a big part of preparations for Hallowe'en in the area, with many of the most 'spooktacular' pumpkins on show on the doorsteps of Malpas, Whitchurch and beyond coming from the farm, which is owned by former councillor Barbara Hughes.

For 2019's events and dates,head to Malpas Pick Your Own Pumpkins & Halloween Spooktacular, Cheshire on Facebook.