Officials in Wem have moved to remind groups and residents in the town of its Armistice Day commemorations plans next week.

Sunday, November 11 will see veterans and the families of those who fell in the First World War come together across the country.

Wem will be holding its usual parade throughout the town before their United Service of Remembrance, which will be held at the St Peter's and Paul Church, on the corner of Mill Street and the town's High Street.

The parade will be be led by Wem Jubilee Band and any interested organisations – such as British Legion members, Scouts, Guides, Brownies, among others – who wish to join in with the parade should be at the main council car park in New Street at 10.30am.

The parade will then begin at 10.45am towards the war memorial outside the parish church, where the Remembrance service will take place, starting at 10.50am on the grass around the memorial.

There will be a church service after the commemorations are completed and all are welcome.

Meanwhile, at last week's full town council meeting, councillors heard from Viv Edgar from the Dementia Friendly Wem initiative.

She spoke to them before the meeting started about what the group does and she intended to make the town more dementia friendly over the coming years.

She talked about how well the initiative is going but added that she wants more to join with it.

She said: "We need to dementia aware; it’s very easy to become friendly and it doesn't cost much money.

"I am hoping to get around 50 more people signed up by Christmas and most councillors around this table are already 'dementia friends'.

"We are quite firm that the friends have to undertake the training otherwise it’s tokenistic but it’s great to see so many badges around town. We need money and funding."

Wem town clerk Penny O'Hagan offered used of administrative faculties at the town council, such as access to photocopying, which was gladly received.

Anyone in Wem wishing to become dementia friendly' can find out more by emailing