Car enthusiasts braved the elements last weekend when they headed to Whitchurch's Alderford Lake for a breakfast meet.

The Classic Car breakfast Meeting has long been a popular fixture at he lake and last weekend was no different as plenty of cars were on show for owners and fans alike.

Visitors were able to enjoy a chat with the owners, most of whom have painstakingly and lovingly restored and cared for their vehicles over the years.

Refreshments, in the form of much-needed bacon butties and hot drinks, were available as the weather turned against those who attended the meet.

The stars of the show – the classic vehicles – were on show for the visitors who braved the elements to attend the meeting, some unseen.

They were lined up near the side of the lake and included some outstanding super cars of the past, including more than one Triumph sports cars, a pair of Audi cars that would not have looked out of place if they were being driven by DI Gene Hunt of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes fame.

For future events, contact Malcolm Ling on 07889 666477.