Dear Sir,

I READ with interest the article in your publication of October 10 about how the Mossley A v B game had been re-assessed as "abandoned" rather than "conceded" and in doing so has given Malpas Cricket team the Division 5 Championship.

I write as an interested by-stander. I have never played cricket for Malpas, and I am not a member of Malpas Cricket Club.

What I can't understand about this case is, I gather the Mossley A v B game was scheduled for towards the end of the season. In all the other sports and games that I have taken an interest in – football, bowls, darts, dominoes, chess etc etc, if a club has more than one side in a division then the matches between those sides are always played as early as possible in the season, so there is less scope for a dubious outcome. Perhaps the cricket league involved could look at this for future seasons?

Charles Lowick Higgie