Plans to turn outbuildings at a farm near Whitchurch should not go ahead, according to experts. The proposal by Mr and Mrs Arthan would see the creation of four homes at Edgeley Farm in Edgeley Bank to be sold on the open market. The alterations would include the creation of garage space and a residential garden. But planning officer Sue Collins has recommended members of the North Shropshire Planning Committee refuse the proposal when it goes before them next Tuesday [DEL OCT 16]. She said: “The council considers the majority of the proposed development is unacceptable as the site lies within an area of open countryside where there is a presumption against inappropriate forms of new development.” The proposal had previously been deferred by the committee in April who asked the applicants to submit a heritage impact assessment and re-consult with the council’s officers. But Ms Collins said although there is no objection to the conversion in principle, the extent of the works is considered to be unacceptable. She continued: “The proposed increase in domestic curtilage and new build will result in further encroachment of domestic paraphernalia and out of character, built development, into the open countryside, having detriment to the vitality and character of the surrounding environment. “It is considered that the heritage statement submitted in support of the application is insufficient in relation to detail and works required in order to make the structures suitable for residential use, on which basis to support this application. “It is considered that the proposed development will have a detrimental impact on the historic character of the built development on site and its setting and as such the proposal is considered inappropriate ‘open countryside development’, to which the development as a whole outweighs any benefits.” The proposal is due to go before the committee as it had received the support of Whitchurch Rural Parish Council. The meeting starts at 2pm at Shirehall in Shrewsbury.