Residents on a Whitchurch development which has seen raw sewage backed up into peoples’ homes and gardens as well as having an un-surfaced road have urged Shropshire Council to help them.

Homeowners at The Brambles, which is off Chester Road, have had a long battle with developers Sherwood Homes about having a pumping station completed to ensure human waste is correctly disposed of and having their road properly covered in tarmac.

However, their hopes have fallen on deaf ears as the developer has ignored calls to complete the work needed and residents turned to north Shropshire MP Owen Paterson for support.

But in messages seen by The Herald sent to Mr Paterson, the residents have expressed their dismay at their perception that he has not pushed Shropshire Council hard enough in forcing them to use powers available to make Sherwood Homes complete the outstanding work.

In a letter to Mr Paterson’s parliamentary assistant, they said: “We acknowledge he has asked the environment minister (Michael Gove) for advice and heard nothing. This is exactly what we are experiencing yet he is in the best position to address this.

“We ask he calls said minister (colleague) and gets this matter clarified. For residents to be left with human waste and additional sewage in the street, surely is not a national issue, but something he can demand the council address instead of letting his constituents suffer without action.”

However, Mr Paterson said he is waiting to hear what action can be taken.

He said: “I have been working closely with the residents of the Brambles following my visit earlier this year. The situation in which they find themselves is intolerable and I am determined that a solution be found as a matter of urgency.

“I am awaiting a response from the government regarding the existing emergency powers that Shropshire Council can invoke in order to bring this matter to a conclusion and am confident that this will give Shropshire Council a clear way forward to alleviate the residents’ misery.” Residents turned their ire on Ian Kilby, Shropshire Council’s planning services manager, in an email from the end of August.

The residents, speaking as a group, said: “You are fully aware the residents are responsible for their property footprint. You are fully aware that the residents do not own the pump station or the road...use your powers to enforce the completion of the outstanding pump station and road which is owned by Sherwood.

“You were quick to point out to us that the land registry shows these two areas belong to Sherwood, enforce the completion of this and we formally let you know that your threats and intimidation of enforcing residents is causing unwelcome stress and upset

“ Please refrain from this tone and carry out the duties those who voted your council in to conduct.”

Mr Kilby said: “The investigation is ongoing and the council is in dialogue with residents and key parties in an effort to identify a solution arising from the developers’ failure to complete the scheme.”