The people of Whitchurch once again ignored the weather forecast to head in their numbers to make another hugely successful Blackberry Fair this weekend.

Hundreds were on the streets of the town to take part in the Fair, which celebrates the more rustic elements of life around Whitchurch and organisers took to the Facebook to give their thanks.

They said: “To everyone who came from everywhere. You played, paraded, promoted, sponsored, danced and sang. Smiled, juggled, cooked, chatted and stuffed your face with Cream crackers, this was your day and you all shone so much, the sun came out. Thank you from the bottom of our ‘Green Heart’ for supporting each other.

“The icing on the cake without doubt was all those inspiring individuals who gave up their time to hang flags, manage traffic, run stages, negotiate stalls, hand out tee shirts, search for herbs, run yoga, hug trees or tinkle the ivories and all of this while remaining sane throughout even when not everything we did was fully appreciated, you know and we know it’s all done for the right reason.”