Whitchurch Rotary Club has held another night for helping men of a certain age become health conscious.

The club's annual prostate cancer screening night, held at the end of September, saw hundreds of men head to the Dodington Lodge, in Dodington, to be treated and examined by health professionals.

David Simcock, from Whitchurch Rotary Club, was delighted with how the day went and with figure raised by the men willing to donate for the services.

"We had a very successful prostate screening evening when a record of 355 men came to the Dodington Lodge Hotel," he said.

"[They came] to have their blood taken for the Prostate Cancer screening and they will receive their results in the next ten days.

"The men were happy to donate and buy tickets for a draw to help the costs of providing the service; this amounted to in total £1,821 97.

"However this year the final costs will be in excess of £5,800 to cover these costs.

"That is the reason we fund raise throughout the year by various methods such as the pop-up shop and applying for various grants.

"We were very lucky to obtain a grant from Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme.

"This year Whitchurch Rotary will be celebrating 80 years of being in the town.

"Throughout that time Rotary have supported hundreds of needy causes also given many hours of pleasure in their activities.

"Thank you for your continued support we know the people of Whitchurch always will."

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