Book Club

Starring a number of great actors, Book Club is on at Wem Town Hall on August 9.

Vivian (Jane Fonda), Diane (Diane Keaton), Sharon (Candice Bergen), and Carol (Mary Steenburgen) are four women in their prime, living out their golden years properly and politely.

They cook delicious food, drink good wine, and meet up to discuss literature at their monthly book club. But everything changes when they pass up the usual, critically-acclaimed titles in favour of the famously risqué “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

The film has received a warm response from audeinces so the people of Wem are able to make their own choice on the standard of the plot.

Tickets are £7 for adults and £5 for children aged 19 and under and for more ticket news, call 01939 238 279 or head to