Former Wem town mayor Councillor Edward Towers has admitted his delight at being able to hand over a cheque for thousands of pounds to the town's swimming centre.

Cllr Towers, who stepped down as Wem Town Council chair in May, made the presentation to Cadi Price, from the Wem Swimming and Lifestyle Centre, at a meeting in June.

Cllr Towers presented the cheque for £3,407.90 and adds to a donation of £200 given directly from the Mayors Civic Service held last October, bringing the total amount raised by the appeal for the centre to £3,606.90.

"I'm absolutely delighted to have been able to raise this money for the centre," said Cllr Towers.

"It's great ahead of the official opening of the Gym Extension/Centre remodelling towards the end of September."

Meanwhile, Cllr Towers also praised the fundraising abilities of the town after he was able to support a young man called Josh Towers – Cllr Towers's nephew – to buy a new purpose-built wheelchair ahead of attending Keele University.

He added: "Can I also thank (The Whitchurch Herald) for putting in photos and supportive, positive written comment in a recent edition of the regarding the other presentation I was able to make from this year’s Mayor’s charity appeal to Josh wheelchair fund).

"When this sum of £350 (from part of Civic Service collection) is added to that given above it gives a total of £3,957.90 which is an absolutely amazing sum for which many thanks are due to the many individuals/groups who contributed to this year’s charity appeal and/or came along and supported the events that were organised to raise these funds."

Cllr Towers has sent a letter to people who have helped him raise the funds for charity partners, including Smallbrook School in Whitchurch.

He wrote: "This is an amazing amount which your donation of £200 has helped achieve for this very important project in Wem.

"We hope that this you will now find opportunity both as a staff and school to use and enjoy this upgraded facility that you have helped make possible. Thank you again for the encouragement your generous support has given to help make this all possible."