Police in Whitchurch and north Shropshire are warning youngsters to avoid inhaling gas from tiny canisters that have been found around the town.

The canisters, which are full of nitrous oxide or 'laughing gas', have been found off the High Street while officers from Whitchurch Safer Neighbourhood Team have visited the Town's Centre North East youth club to give them the low down on the dangers of the gas.

The gas, which is used as an anaesthetic for dentist work or childbirth, became hugely popular towards the middle of the decade with thousands confiscated in one night in London in 2015.

North Shropshire SNT this week tweeted: "After chatting to young people in the Centre North East about the dangers of the small gas canisters, I'm just about to watch the start of the football with them.

"Shame I can't watch it for long though! These canisters are really dangerous and could cause death – stay clear."

(Picture courtesy of North Shrops Cops on Twitter).