RESIDENTS are still waiting for improvements to a road where several people have either died or been seriously injured.

Cheryl Langley said that residents were furious at being “shrugged off” by Shropshire Council and had been waiting for measures to be taken on the A525 near Whitchurch and Broughall for the past five years.

Motorcyclist Tony Dennis, 49, of Maidstone Grove in Stoke-on-Trent, died after a collision on June 3 on the A525 at the junction of Catterals Lane, between Broughall and Whitchurch.

The council says that it has extended double white lines “as much as possible” at either end of this section of the A525 since a previous fatal crash in Brook Vila, Broughall, in March 2017

In an email seen by the Herald, Steve Brown - highways, transport and environment commissioning manager - said the council was arranging for additional signs on the approaches to the fishing pools.

Pedestrian Roy Ernest Bundy, 79, from Chester, was hit by Walter Stanley Dobrowolski’s motorcycle outside Brook Villa in Broughall on March 21 last year.

PC Neil Taylor, a road collision forensic officer, told the inquest that he did not feel Mr Dobrowolski was travelling at excessive speed when the two collided - and that he also felt that Mr Bundy’s view of the oncoming road may have be blocked by hedges, or that he simply misjudged the distance.

But PC Taylor told the inquest he had recommended that signage should be put up to warn both pedestrians and drivers and that he had been reassured the signs would be put in place.

Cllr Gerald Dakin is understood to have spoken to Shropshire Council officials to call for more safety measures on the road.

But Ms Langley said that the council’s response was not satisfactory, adding that it seemed that the issue had been “batted to and fro” between the police and Shropshire Council.

She said: “I understand these things take time but a significant amount of time has passed since March 2017 and absolutely nothing has been done.

She said: “It is totally unacceptable and the residents of Broughall are furious. We have been shrugged off by Shropshire Council too many times.

“We need to see action, not more meetings,”

An INQUEST into the death of Mr Dennis is set to be opened .

Assistant coroner JM Lees will open the inquest at Shirehall, Shrewsbury today (Wednesday, June 13).